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How to Be Revised Income Tax Return online


Filling of revised return is like original return earlier filed, in revised return you have to correct all details relating to your incomes or deductions that ones you had missed earlier or had wrongly entered. Now you can correct the details through revised your original return.

The return can be revised up to the end of relevant assessment year or completion of assessment, whichever is earlier.

The process how to file revised return is as under-

  1. Login to https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  2. After login the above link, the screen will be displayed as under- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  3. Next step, if you are already registered, you have to login as registered user or otherwise first you have to register yourself. After login the screen will be displayed as under- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  4. Next step, Fill your user id (Pan Number), then your password, then captcha code shown above (LNT9C6) then enter login, as shown below- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  5. Next step, the screen will be displayed as under- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  6. Next step, then you have to go e-file, then fill the Assessment year for example return for the F.Y. 2017-18, Assessment year will be 2018-19, then file form ITR-1 , ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-5 etc., submission mode will displayed first UPLOAD XML OR PREPARE AND SUBMIT ONLINE.  

    If you are filing ITR-1 or ITR-4, you can go for PREPARE AND SUBMIT ONLINE 

    If you are filing ITR-2, ITR-3 or ITR-5 you have to file through UPLOAD XML FILE, XML file will be prepared manually download the ITR form on excel sheet, filing your details then you have to generate XML file or upload it. 

  7. Next step, after submission, the scrren will be displayed as under, select the field below or go to continue- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  8. Next step, Go to Part A General Information as display below- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online
  9. Next step, fill the detail shown below, like employer category or whether Original or Revised return, in that case you have to select revised return, or Return filed on or before the due date or after the due date etc. How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  10. Next step, mentioned all details relating to your escaped income or that ones you had missed earlier or had wrongly entered, fill your revised details which you escaped earlier or wrongly entered in original return, like Income from salary their allowance and perquisites, Income from House property, Municpal taxes paid or Interest on home loan etc, Income from other Sources etc. How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  11. Next, fill your revised details relating to escaped or wrongly entered (if any) like Investments under section 80C, or any deduction (if any) shown below etc.- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  12. Next step, this is Auto fill -
  13. Next step, fill the detail of TDS if not shown authomatic, enter the detail of Advance tax if any deposited during the financial year- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  14. Next step, after filing the details as above, the tax amount or refund if any will shown automatically, you have to fill the detail of exempted income (if any)- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  15. Next, fill your bank details like Bank account number, IFSC Code etc., after that you have to go on verification select capacity as Individual or HUF or Authorised Signatory or Director, as the case may be- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 
  16. Next step, fill the detail of donation if any paid, claim under section 80G- How-to-be-Revised-Income-Tax-Return-online 

After following the above process, save draft and then submit after preview the details filled by you and fill the OTP, which is displayed at your number, you must check that your Income tax return is filed.


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